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It seems to be stable. I think I already added a line to one of the files to force it to use the one you said. It does seem to work for now.

I'm currently installing Gentoo. I've been heating up the CPU doing a bit of compiling. That Volcano 11+ fan sure does get noisy when it starts warming up.

Still hoping that 9.2 will correct the problem. I wish/hope that NVIDIA will work with whoever to get it fixed. Make it easy for newbies. It kind of seems to be a Mandrake thing. Not really sure though.

Wish me luck on Gentoo. Found a snag already. Out of primary partitions. Waiting for help on another forum.

Thanks for the response. 9.2 is on the way.

My rig: ABIT NF7 mobo with sound
AMD 2500+ w/333FSB || Volcano 11+ Cooler
512Mb Kingston Ram || Chaintec fx 5200 NVIDIA 128Mb video card
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Gateway EV910 19" Monitor || HP Deskjet 3820 printer
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OS: Mandrake 9.1 NO WINDOZE HERE
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