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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Wow that's quite impressive! Very nice work I must say.

Here's some interesting WWII trivia:

The phrase 'balls to the wall' is a hold-over from WWII when power levers (throttle, mixture, prop) all had round balls at the top, each color coded (black, red, blue). Push the power all the way, and you'd have all the balls against the firewall—balls to the wall.

'All nine yards' is also a WWII phrase relating to the length of a belt of 50-cal. machine gun bullets. "Give em all nine yards," and you'd have expended all your ammo.

You'll also hear that a sports team 'waxed their ass" or 'waxed their tail,' both derived from an excited WWI fighter's pilots report that he was so close behind the Hun during a dogfight he could have waxed his tail.
And this site is full of performance data on Warbirds if anybody likes looking at that sort of thing....
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