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Default Re: Windows 7 Build 7057 x86

nekrosoft13, there isn't much different in this build. Not anything that would be worth switching from x64 back to x86. In fact, the only thing I've noticed so far are a few GUI tweaks. Also, UAC now pompts you when disabling it. In build 7048 you could just set it at its lowest setting without confirming. Honestly, I just installed this on my laptop and an older workstation to test the new build. Nothing to write home about. Hopefully the official RC will bring some more changes. Also, ASUSEN7900GTX, there will not be 2 Release Candidates. There will only be one -- just like there was only one beta release. Again, this build is just a branch of the RC1 builds, not the official.

The major difference people focus on between x86 and x64 is the amount of memory the Operating System can utilize. 32-bit can use just about 4gb including VRAM. 64-bit can utilize much more, thus making it worthwhile if you have 4gb of system memory plus a graphics card with its own dedicated VRAM.
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