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Unhappy fa problems on GTX280 - Anything I can do?

Oops! Title should say 'Fan problems'

The fan on my GTX 280 started to whine a bit about a week ago, and a few days ago I started to get lockups while playing games (the kind where the screen goes black and you have to power-off).

I discovered that sometimes when I start the PC, the fan on the graphics card doesn't start! This is OK for a while as I can log into windows and the card seems happy until I start to play games.

I guess the card quickly overheats and shuts down.

Is there anything I can do about the fan or is it RMA time?

<edit>When the fan is not running, I can stick my finger in it and give it a 'nudge' to start it and everything if fine. It just doesn't start sometimes </edit>
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