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Default Re: Redraw issue with compiz.

Originally Posted by cpasoft View Post
Dear Maniac103...

Which are the dependencies of your plugin??...

When I run make, i get this error:
convert   : -> build/workarounds.xml
bcop'ing  : build/workarounds.xml -> build/workarounds_options.h
bcop'ing  : build/workarounds.xml -> build/workarounds_options.c
schema    : build/workarounds.xml -> build/compiz-workarounds.schema
compiling : workarounds.c -> build/workarounds.loworkarounds.c: En la función ‘updateUrgencyState’:
workarounds.c:284: error: ‘CompWindow’ no tiene un miembro llamado ‘hints’
workarounds.c:284: error: ‘CompWindow’ no tiene un miembro llamado ‘hints’
make: *** [build/workarounds.lo] Error 1
(Under gentoo linux)...

Cheers... ;-)
Uh, looks like a compiz version < 0.7.8.
You need to revert this commit in your checkout. If you checked out directly from git, use
git revert 55bfd98979f273fd542ed2bd979e4054056cc478
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