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Default Re: status of linux games support

Originally Posted by zebdits View Post
I've tried it again, as I thought that it can be working no more.
I've literally followed the pr, here's the result:


BTW this is on 6.4-STABLE as you can see from the screenshot. Ports are all updated. The GPU is an Nvidia 8500 GT.
Using CURRENT, cutting edge core (quoting the 1st post), doesn't mean that it has more probability to work; I think that at a certain time in the (hoping far) future they will stop working.
As soon as I can, I'll try on 7.1-STABLE and report back, ATM, I'm not planning to install CURRENT.
i think the reason why you're able to run 3d apps under bsd is that the linuxulator in 6 is still based on the linux 2.4 kernel. whereas 7 and 8 try to emulate the linux 2.6 kernel.

could you post the output of `sysctl compat.linux` and `pkg_info -xI linux_base` please?

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