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Default *** Official Demon's Souls Thread***

This game is great. I really would recommend it to everyone who is looking for an open ended RPG on the PS3. I would say its better then Oblivion on some aspects and I was really surprised on how good the game is, especially expecting it to be an average game when its really an excellent game.

One of the coolest aspects about the game is that it's technically online always even though your playing solo for the most part. What happens is that the premise of the game is collecting lost souls and you see other players as these souls. From their sucessful attemps to their deaths (you can witness these events by touching pools of blood on the floor). It's a really interesting feature.

Another cool thing you can do is that you can drop one of two stones on the floor and if another player picks them up depending on which stone you dropped you can either help the player or become an evil shadow in his game and attack him. Really awesome!

The gameplay is very Action RPG. It's stats based but not xp based, more rather you can increase your stats by buying levels with souls you collected, souls you collect are the currency of the world. You use them to buy items and repair your gear aswell. The combat though is all action played from the 3rd person. It controls decent, not great but better then many other 3rd person RPGs. The smoothness of your characters movement is dependent of your gear, don't expect to be rolling and dodging well wearing plate armor (completely threw me off when I tried and my character ended up face first in the dirt).

The actual combat is nice, you can block and attack like Oblivion but unlike Oblivion you can't controll the direction of your swings. You can though switch between one handed and two handed combat with any weapon on the fly which changes combat significantly. I haven't tried the magic part of the game yet so I can't comment on that.

There are other things about the game that is a nice concept is that you never get a game over. If you die you resurrected as a soul and must kill enough enemies to regain your body or join another player (through the stone drop method) and either kill him or help him kill a boss.

On the graphics side of things, the game looks pretty good. It's no Oblivion but being that its a darker world it still looks pretty good. Bosses are HUGE and look amazing, my jaw dropped when I saw the Dragon boss. It looked better then even LAIRs Dragons. The world is nicely detailed and represents the world its trying to create very well. The nexus (Limbo) looks all mystical while the swamps are spooky and damp looking. Textures are crisp most of the time with some real nice bloom lighting going on, not over done like other games try. Animations could use some work though, they look good most of the time but after something dies it ragdolls like crazy, often getting dragged around when walking over the corpse.

I haven't experianced any performance issues yet so I can't comment on that aspect. The frame rate seems stable, even when lots of things are getting destroyed and effects going on it never dips. Up close the game could use some AA but during gameplay it never really hurts the games look because its so dark the game most of the time that it hides it often pretty well.

Over all I would give the game a B, its a great game that needs to make it over to the west. The RPG gameplay is very western styled over the Japanese Turnbase that we are use to. If there is any JRPG I would compare it to it would be Monster Hunter. If you liked Monster Hunter and games like Oblivion then I would really recommend checking it out. I imported my copy from Play-Asia (Asian Ver, not Jap).
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