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Default Re: Cryostasis Full Version Thread

Originally Posted by Ywap View Post
Woah, calm down Max

You obviously have a way overpowered psu to be qualified to answer any questions about them

And yes, i will try it when i buy the game. Im just a little scared that something will break if the psu is not up for the work, but the worst thing that could happen is that i shut down itself right?
Hello mate!

Yeah sorry bad morning temper

As you already have a nice card lying around you should absolutely test it as a 285GTX dont draw that much. as I said I only had a Corsair 520W and that powered my Q6600@ 3.4ghz + GTX285 + 8800GT in games, it was just under full stress testing with IntelBurntest + Furmark it BSOD and no game in the world will put that much pressure on the hardware. Im sure of if I got the PSU you got it would be plenty under full load!

So no problem you are set I think and as you said nothing can be harm. all that will happen in the worst case is just that it being unstable/ BSOD!

So test on mate I think you are all set
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