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Default Re: vdpau fails - 180.37 - MPlayer SVN-r28942-4.3.3

I tested both cards (9600GT and 9500GT) in Windows with MediaPlayerClassic HomeCinema and it definately looks like my 9500GT is broken.

MediaPlayerClassic plays the testfile.mkv (h264, 1280x720) in software mode when i have the 9500 installed, and it is played with acceleration with my 9600.
Playing a h264 1920x1080 file fails (no output at all) on my 9500 and is played with acceleration with my 9600.

The 9500 card (Gainward 9500GT 512MB) is marked with "PureVideo HD" so i guess it should support VDPAU.
Stephen can you confirm this ?
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