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Default Re: Awesome OC with new memory!

Originally Posted by mullet View Post
Yeah dude you are going from 3.5 to 3.4 Ghz. Your Vcore could be lower then your current 3.5. I would give it a shot if its not stable you can always go back but I bet it will do fine.
Nahhh... will not post at 425 x 8 I guess the FSB is to high or it requires more voltage that I am willing to give. Tried it with 1.4325Vcore / 1.45V FSB / 2.1V RAM and left the FSB Termination voltage to Auto. I have it 100% stable at 3.5Ghz which I am pretty damn happy with I might take some time to get it 100% stable at 3.6Ghz (400x9) as I know I can hit it already. I also remember reading that 400Mhz FSB on this motherboard is one of the most stressfull (and fastest) settings as the Northbridge does not go to the laxer stripe untill 401Mhz.
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