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Default Re: status of linux games support

Originally Posted by arundel View Post
i think the reason why you're able to run 3d apps under bsd is that the linuxulator in 6 is still based on the linux 2.4 kernel. whereas 7 and 8 try to emulate the linux 2.6 kernel.

could you post the output of `sysctl compat.linux` and `pkg_info -xI linux_base` please?

I know for sure that at least rtcw and linux-enemyterritory are working with 7.1-STABLE, linux_base-f8 and compat.linux.osrelease: 2.6.16 because I have them on another pc.
As I've said, I'll do some other tests with q4 and d3 but ATM I have not enough space for the data files.
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