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Default Re: quadro nvs 160m crashes remote desktop software (all vers 180.29, 180.11, 177, 17

Version 180.37 also crashes they system. The following NVIDIA driver versions now crash the Dell E6500 using a remote desktop connection:

180.37, 180.35, 180.29, 180.11, 177, 173

Based on AraonP request I have attached a bug report. A couple of comments:

1. When you try and make remote desktop connect the fan speeds up and the entire machine shuts down and turns off. Therefore I ran the bug report after installing the driver and before running remote desktop.
2. I am testing this through a persistent usb connection to avoid clobbering my system so after the reboot I have to re-install the driver again if I want to use it.

Please try and fix this I have continued to report the bug but I am starting to lose hope. BTW why is the file size of text files set to 149 kb when the bug report is 173 kb ?

Thanks, Simon
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