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Default HOWTO: compile mplayer with VDPAU under Ubuntu (x86 or x86_64)

This is the successful procedure I used to compile mplayer (nogui) w/ VDPAU on Ubuntu v8.10

Special thanks to both cehoyos and dk75 who helped me figure this out.

Step 0. Get and install the latest nvidia driver first (I'm assuming you know how to do this and am not placing steps in this guide). I'm very happily using v180.37 right now.

Step 1a. Get the needed packages and essential codec pack (x86 only):
$ sudo aptitude install libfreetype6-dev libxv-dev subversion build-dep mplayer
Step 1b. Only complete this if you're running an x86 flavor of Ubuntu. x86_64 users can skip this step entirely.
$ wget
$ sudo mkdir /usr/lib/codecs
$ tar -xjf essential-20071007.tar.bz2
$ sudo mv ./essential-20071007/* /usr/lib/codecs/
$ rmdir essential-20071007
Step 2. Check out the svn and compile:
$ svn checkout svn:// mplayer
<<let it download which might take 5-10 min depending on the server load>>
$ cd mplayer
$ ./configure --prefix=/usr --disable-mencoder
$ make -j4
Use a different value for -j if you have a dual core or single core CPU. -j4 is for a quad core, -j2 is for a dual, and you can just use 'make' with no -j switch for a single core.

If all went well, you'll have compiled mplayer. You can either run it from this dir (for testing purposes) without disturbing the one you likely have installed from the official ubuntu repos, or you can issue a 'sudo make install' to place the compiled binary and associated files into your live filesystem.

To uninstall it from your live filesystem, simply return to the compile dir and issue a 'sudo make uninstall' and all the files will be removed. If you are doing multiple compiles every few days because you want the latest svn version, enter the directory that contains 'mplayer' and issue the following command to update the code:

$ svn update
<<let it update>>
$ make
Potential Gotcha Items
If you're using compiz-fusion as your wm, make sure you're using direct rendering and loose binding for optimal performance. You are likely running fusion-icon to manage your compiz-fusion settings and these options are both available under the icon>compiz options.

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