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Default Re: HOTWO: compile mplayer with VDPAU under Ubuntu (x86 or x86_64)

Originally Posted by darksky View Post
enter your 'mplayer-svn' directory ...
With the line you used for svn checkout, there is no directory "mplayer-svn", but "mplayer" where svn up works.
and issue the following command to update the code:

[code]$ svn update
<<let it update>>
$ cd mplayer
There is no directory "mplayer" inside the directory where you can use "svn up"
$ make clean
While we strongly recommend to try make distclean && ./configure && make before reporting problems, as long as you don't have problems, "make" is enough and much faster.

Carl Eugen

PS: You install "subversion" now twice, and there is still no note that codecs-essential should not be used on x64.
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