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Default Mplayer - vdpau - composite disabled screen flashing

I've googled around and searched here on the forums, and haven't found anyone having this exact problem. So, here it is. I'm testing mplayer and vdpau on h.264 mkv's. I see the tearing when composite is enabled. However, disabling composite makes things worse. The whole screen flashes and flickers almost like slow strobe effect. When connected via DVI versus component at 1080i, the flashing leads to a black screen (perhaps X lock up, because nothing brings it back but restarting X (Ctrl-Alt-Backspace)). For now, I'm living with the tearing, because it is much more usable and watchable than the screen flashing.

Here's the hardware and software that I am using.

Mythbuntu 8.10 with JYA's VDPAU patches enabled.
Nvidia drivers are 180.37
Mplayer version is dev-svn-runknown-4.2.3
compiz not installed or enabled

ECS motherboard with 7050 chipset
E2180 Pentium Dual-core 2.0 Ghz
8400GS with 256mb (reported when component output enabled)
with 512mb (reported when DVI output enabled ... huh?)

Anyone with the same problem? Any suggestions?

I can post a vdpau report perhaps tonight. Any other info needed? I was trying to test it yesterday, and kept getting the black screen and having to restart X. One time I had to reboot because I couldn't restart X even.

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