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Default Re: And the fastest browser is ... IE8 :)

Originally Posted by a12ctic View Post
Have you used another browser since ~ 2000? I don't think I've had any compatibility issues with any browser since the early 00's. Don't spread FUD. Even Microsoft fan girls and boys will admit to FF and Opera being stronger browsers than the pile of crud IE is.
Geez yea, didn't I mention Chrome? Was chrome out in 2000? Sorry I guess replying to an illiterate isn't very helpful anyways.

There are things I have to access for work that can only be accessed using IE. Also access for my wifes work as well requires IE, the page will just give you an error that you must be using IE if you try on Chrome, FF or Opera - I've tried. Some people access more than ghey pron which Im sure is great on Firefox, but I guess you'd be the authority on that too.

FF loads pages like Nutscrape which makes sense since it was built off Nutscrape. It takes longer for them to load using FF, always has. Dunno why there are so many FF fan bois out there, Chrome is a much better browser than FF. MS benchmarks mean nothing.
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