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Default NV30 news here!

I thought we need this one back to the forums

So to the point, here's some news:

.13u process

AGP 8x support

DDR2 Memory support

Vertex Shaders beyond DirectX9 VS2.0 - supporting up to 1024 static instructions, 65536 instructions executed in loops, branches, and subroutines

Pixel Shader beyond DirectX9 PS2.0 - with up to 1024 instructions

Support for OpenGL and DirectX HLSL via Cg

OpenGL Extensions supporting long Pixel Shader & Vertex Shader programs

High Precision (64- and 128-bit Floating Point color)

New focus on computational efficiency rather than memory efficiency

Advanced programmability and high-level shading language support

Expected this fall along with DirectX9

EDIT: And it has 256 bit memory bus (
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