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Is that what's recommended? I'm really thinking about lapping my CPU and HS when I get home now that I found a guide on lapping my Xigmatek HDT-S1283. I found a grit guide and is it better to start rough with a low grit sheet then move up to smooth grit sand paper to give it a final polish?
I used to start with 400. Now I start with 180 and get it to copper in minutes. Then I jump to 400 and finish with 600. The mirror finish makes it hard for the TIM to actually work. It has been recomended among veterns of OC and lapping that 600 or 800 is better cause there are actually slight imperfections for the TIM to settle in.

Its not how mirror smooth the finish is, its the fact that you are levelling the surface making it true so that you get better contact across the IHS.
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