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Is that what's recommended? I'm really thinking about lapping my CPU and HS when I get home now that I found a guide on lapping my Xigmatek HDT-S1283. I found a grit guide and is it better to start rough with a low grit sheet then move up to smooth grit sand paper to give it a final polish?
I went 600-1000-2000, and got a very good polish on mine. It wasn't mirror finish, but close. Used just a little water and soap on the 600 grit, and then did the 1000 and 2000 grit dry.

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The wolfdales had issues with the sensors getting stuck and not going lower than 40c. Sounds like its another sensor issue. Even though its dropping under load I'd bet the sensors on the I7s are just busted like wolfdales were.
Mine aren't stuck on 40C, they usually stay there though during normal use. The start at about 36-38C and warm up when the machine is on for a while.

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This guy had some good results with a i7

I might have to give my CPU a shot also
Interesante... I'm scared to lap the cpu... seems so easy to get the other side messed up.
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