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Default Re: And the fastest browser is ... IE8 :)

Originally Posted by LovingSticky View Post
Well, you had no idea about DOCTYPE modifying IE behaviour between "standards" and "quirks" mode and you have no idea what simple number from Acid3 test means for webdesigners.

I will tell you. Precisely NOTHING. That number is a pure marketing for uneducates masses. That's all.
You assume a bit much there. I do know they exist, but there wouldn't be a need for them if it was more standards compliant.

The acid tests where a quick example to highlight the fact that doc type or no doctype, IE7 does not behave like its supposed to. When they where working on it there where a lot of Developers out there trying to push MS to put more focus on standards compliance, and they decent job, but nothing to brag about.

As a web dev who stares at VS 2008 most of the time nothing bothers me more than having to spend time getting the html rendering of .NET's code to behave the same cross browsers. Of course when you have a html/css guru on staff they can fight with browser oddities and leave the dev's to spend more time on the server side code.
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