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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

Yeah I think the main player base of this game must not be in the US.

On the server I'm on I rarely run across another real person and when I do they seem to be in a timezone outside of US.

I think even the forums show this, if you look at the Age of Conan US forums compared to the Europe forums, BIG difference in traffic.

I was enjoying the game as a solo experience up to level 38 when I went to Poitain. In Poitain I *constantly* crash. I hard lock with a solid color screen and screeching/looping sound. I have tried upgrading/downgrading my nVidia drivers as well as trying the game under Windows 7 beta and the same lockup occurs. I can play for hours on end in other areas but I lock in Poitain everytime.

The frustrating part is I want to contact Funcom for tech support and they seem to have no way to file a ticket or contact them. I have posted the tech issue in the forums and of course no one responds because the forum use (US) is so low.

So I'm probably giving up on this game this week and going back to LOTRO. It was kind of fun while it lasted but overall no more fun than my brief stint on Asheron's Call 2 or Star Wars Galaxies. The real fun factor seems to be lacking, probably because of lack of other players just like AC2 and SWG when I tried them.

The best MMOs I've played so far are Dark Age of Camelot, WoW and LOTRO so it's back to LOTRO for now...
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