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Default Re: Tearing on dual-head Twinview setup

Originally Posted by happyfunbot View Post
If the option to Xv vsync to the monitor of my choice actually worked, this would not be a problem, because I almost always watch video on the same monitor; alas, this functionality appears to be broken.
Works perfectly for me with nvidia drivers 185.13 (and has done for as long as I can remember, probably back to the 169.xx series of drivers).

You must have compiz disabled though, xvideo sync NEVER works with compiz enabled even with only one monitor (I seriously hope this is something the nvidia devs are planning to fix very soon).

Opengl sync only ever works on one of the monitors if both are enabled. If only one is enabled, it works on that one. It would be nice to have an opengl monitor sync option like the xvideo sync option which decides which monitor to sync to.

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