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Default Re: Tearing on dual-head Twinview setup

Originally Posted by davelaser View Post
Works perfectly for me with nvidia drivers 185.13 (and has done for as long as I can remember, probably back to the 169.xx series of drivers).
Fantastic for you. ;-) This is part of the problem: not everyone has the same set of issues, compounded by different versions and nvidia's seeming lack of a regression suite in which they make sure they never release a new version with previously-resolved bugs.
You must have compiz disabled though, xvideo sync NEVER works with compiz enabled even with only one monitor (I seriously hope this is something the nvidia devs are planning to fix very soon).
I have updated my original post to indicate that I do not use compiz. I'm using fvwm, about the most minimal window manager still being actively developed.

FWIW, is there an application that can tell me whether some other rogue application has an overlay open? Just because compiz isn't running it doesn't mean it can't be something else.
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