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Default Re: Mplayer - vdpau - composite disabled screen flashing

Yes, I thought it was happening just on the TV out (component 1080i). That is all I had used up until this problem. Searching around on this site found someone who had problems with TV-out but not DVI. So I connected the my HTPC via DVI instead of component, and found the same problem only it seems worse. However, I think the Nvidia driver version changed about the same time, from 180.35 to .37, so maybe that has something to do with it. Anyway, the flashing on TV-out was more frequent and shorter durations and no X lock up (black screen). With DVI, the flashing is slower, ie. the screen goes entirely black between flashes and then locks up X shortly in less than 10 seconds. The MKV files do seem to be still playing, so I stop them and restart X.

The log output I posted was from the DVI connection. I can run that stuff over a SSH session, no problem. I'll try that tonight and see if I can't get some video.

Thanks for looking into this.
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