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Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
No, it wasnt too much. I use the slightest dab. AS5 performs best for me even though I've got tubes of all the top performing TIM here. AS5 has always given me the best results and the best overclocks. I use as little as possible because my water block and CPUs have a perfect mating.

Sorry but therories are out the door when real world testing of a CPU / Lapping / TIM application are applied. I have done extensive testing, the TIM sets better with less than mirror finish resulting in slightly better temps. You can argue all your want but I've got hours of testing that prove otherwise.
LOL theories are out the door huh? tell that to the numerous industries that use these LAWS to model their system.

your hours of testing are all fine and dandy, but something is not the way we are assuming it is if the data doesnt agree with the funamental basics.
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