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Default Re: Team Fortress 2 Gets Multi Core Update!

This is a short demo someone took and sent me of someone they thought was cheating. Its on pl_badwater, and there is medium action (7-10 players) on screen most of the time.

i7 920 stock~ 6gb DDR3 1600 ~GTX260 stock

All quality setttings maxed @ 1920x1200

No multi

1793 frames 25.501 seconds 70.31 fps (14.22 ms/f) 10.545 fps variability

With multi enabled.

1793 frames 20.767 seconds 86.34 fps (11.58 ms/f) 15.324 fps variability

So a 16FPS boost in this little time demo, but a higher fps variance. I will do some more testing later, and on my E8400/HD 4870 rig.
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