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Default working hdmi sound or completely disable it

This has been an incredibly annoying night. My old hd tv died and was replaced with a new Samsung A550. I am running mythtv and everything was working beautifully before i changed tv's. I was running hdmi with sound coming from the line out port.

Unfortunately, the new TV is too smart for its own good. Apparently the linux nvidia driver (180.29) is sending a false audio signal. This makes the TV use that instead of the line out cable. (i swear if they make things much smarter NOTHING will work)

I talked to samsung and told me they know the problem but its Nvidia's fault. I tried finding contact information on nvidia's site and they send me to Asus's site. talking to Asus is pointless since this is clearly a software/driver issue.

there appears to be a driver hotfix out for this issue... for windows.

My question is, how do i make the hdmi audio out work in linux (tried about everything already mentioned in this forum)? Or if its easier, how do i keep it from detecting the hdmi out chip so it wont send the ghost signal. I'm not looking for hi-def here. I'm also not above mutilating a hdmi cable assuming the sound channels are carried on separate wires and are not multiplexed into the video signal.

I just want to get back to where i was before this nightmare.

my machine is set up as follows:

Mythbuntu (ubuntu) 8.10
M3n78 PRO with nvidia 8300 chipset.
AMD x2 64bit 6000+
Pinnicle 800i tuner
PVR-150 tuner.
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