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Default Re: Necrovision Full Version Thread

Patch 1.1 notes:
v1.1 Patch Fixes:

* rendering performance improved, especially for higher settings of dynamic shadows and ambient occlusion
* level loading times shortened as well as quick-save loading times

* playing online between users having different language editions is possible (Russian edition was incompatible with other versions)
* "Man of Courage" (Normal) difficulty level more balanced (easier)
* gas mask now works properly in Necromancer's Return mode and in Stronghold level
* possibility of crash after saving in paticular area in Trench Warfare level fixed
* minor menu options placement corrections
* problem with possible shotgun jamming while using 'Pure fatality' combo fixed
* bug, preventing player from placing Geballte ladung by the door in The Hill level, after loading the game, fixed
* possibility of crash after skipping the cutscene with the dragon on The Hill level in Necromancer's Return mode fixed
* minor formatting bugs and inconsistencies in the dialogues, grammar mistakes and single overlapings inside menus and cutscenes corrected
* added support for no-driver 16:9 format screens (thanks Sebastien "ztorm" Essel for help)

Sounds pretty good!

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