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Lightbulb Mandrake 9.1 reboot

Since Mandrake 9.1 users are still having problems, here is the solution that works for me:

How to Install nvidia 4496 driver so that you can still boot into X.
(This is for stock Mandrake 9.1 kernel, otherwise you will need install kernel source)

1- Open Konsol
2- su,password
3- init 3
4- login; username,userpassword; su, password.
5- cd to wherever you put the nvidia installer
5a- sh
6- vi /etc/X11/XF86Config-4
7- In Section "module", add this line: Load "glx"
8- Put a # in front of Load "/usr/X11R6/lib/modules/extensions/"
9- Esc :wq <enter>
10- vi /etc/modules and put a # in front of NVdriver
11- Esc :wq <enter>
12- /sbin/modprobe nvidia
13- /sbin/depmod -ae
14- init 5
15- Run glxgears as root. This proves that all is well with nvidia.

Note: Tuxracer (& others) will run only when started in Konsol as root.
If you are tempted to fix this by using the faq in the nvidia README, forget it.
It trashes Mandrake 9.1 , destroys filesystem.
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