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Default Minor Lag with Blu-Ray playback...

Hey ya'll... just had a question about Blu-Ray playback. My buddy has an A64-X2 6000, with 2GB DDR2800, ASUS CrossHair mobo, and an 8600GTS. When we play a Blu-Ray movie, there is *minor* stuttering... like the computer is attempting to load or what not. He does not have PureVideo, but isn't apposed to purchasing it. The "lag" is barely noticeable, unless you're looking for it. And it only lasts for maybe a second at most, and is kinda' random.

Would a new video card solve the issue? He has the latest mobo and video card drivers. We are using the Power DVD that came bundled with this LG BD/HD-DVD drive. I haven't checked for any Windows Updates, but not sure how those could effect this.

Is the processor inadequate? Not enough RAM? I'm considering having the rig record (graph) what is being taxed the most during a BD playback but haven't done that yet.

Thanks for your comments and suggestions!
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