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Default Re: Minor Lag with Blu-Ray playback...

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
Not defrag since Vista does it automatically but it could be that he's swapping too much... Is his HD a 7200RPM drive?
It is a 7200RMP drive, 16MB cache. It's the 500GB Samsung SATA II drive. I could try disabling the pagefile. With how he uses his computer, 2GB RAM should be more than sufficient. If not, it wont be nothing to bump it up to 8GB. That'd get him prepared for when he upgrades to Windows7 x64 once it comes out (retail).

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
What other programs are running in the background? Anything like torrent?
No torrents at all. He's like me and anti-piracy.

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
which model? is it VF550XVT? the lastest 55incher?

what refresh rates are available in PC mode? don't use 60hz
I believe that's the one- supports 120hz. But I noticed, for the resolution, it allows only upto 60hz. Could that be it?
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