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Default Re: GTX 285 vs 8800 GTX SLI in Crysis

Originally Posted by Kemo View Post
Im not saying the GTX285 is not a good upgrade from 8800GTX SLI, the framerate was smoother and more stable, however not enough to warrant a purchase for $343. I wanted to get this benchmark out there so people could get an idea before going out and buying the 285. Im all about waiting for future generations. I told myself after these results to wait until my 8800s could not handle games at a playable (30fps+) framerate. As for lost money, you lose money as soon as you buy a video card like an automobile. That's understood as soon as I sign the line and hit accept.
Dude, you could have sold both your GTXs with a good chance of recuoping all your monies back from having bought the GTX285 while doing something at the same time. Giving you a better game play experience, less heat and less power usage while doing it. I'd have kept the GTX285 and sold the 2 GTXs myself.
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