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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

If you have never added Buffer Pools it will not be in the cfg file, so it will need to be added. Just add it to the bottom of the cfg file.

So for a 300MB Buffer Pool you would add this:


The cfg file is here in Vista, but I can't remember where in XP, though in a similar spot.

I was able to run extremely dense with 200MB and only very minor stutters, but 300MB was perfect.

I have always been an unlimited flyer due to the extra performance over locking, but since switching to i7 I have not been able to get rid of stutters with unlimited. Finally the fps limiter tool helped me to achieve that, but even so going real high on autogen still produced a stuttering mess. With 300MB I cannot induce stuttering if I try.

The other cftg tweaks I'm using are below. Using a texture bandwidth mult of 80-120 helps to keep things moving well. 80 was good on my Core 2 quad, but with i7 I use 120.



Using other high video memory setting may prevent you from using this tweak, or limit you to 200MB. High levels of antialiasing, high screen resolution, high definition clouds, and texture intensive sceneries like YMML are items to consider when tuning as these are what will drive video memory usage up.
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