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Default Re: vdpau fails - 180.37 - MPlayer SVN-r28942-4.3.3

Originally Posted by cleanrock View Post
The remark about other 9500GT may have been off, i remember seeing some post when googling that made me beleive other have problems with 9500GT.

I am really tired of this problem, i think i will return this crap too and get another 9600GT. I have been really happy with the 9600GT i have (Gainward 9600GT 512MB GS), its quiet and cool (34C idle, 40+C load) compared to this fanless 9500GT which goes to 70C at load and have really hot naked (not cooled) memories on the back.

People should stay away from the Gainward 9500GT, perhaps 9500GT in general.
The temperature of the graphic card (and it's components) are irrelevant as long as they don't exceed 90c or the like. Gainward designed its 9500GT with its cooler in a way that it can't overheat in a case with adequate airflow.

Really, 70c is not a problem at all. I'd use passive cooling everywhere if I could, even if it meant my CPU would reach 70c at load
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