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Yes, but now they are claiming it was not meant for the public.
Doesn't that sound exactly like NVidia... except from a different company? Seem kinda odd really...

One of three things are going on here...

1) Tome Raider wasn't meant to be benched (which makes no sense in the first place)

2) NVidia pressure is being put on.. since their performance is still abysmal in DX9 shader performance..

3) Shader performance is not up to par in the developer's opinion (possibly NVidia influenced)

Well... anyways... if NVidia does this to all developers that use DX9... this needs to be STOPPED... as this kind of pressure ISN'T HELPING THE INDUSTRY.. and is pushing it back..

Developers NEED to stand up for themselves (like Valve) and tell it like it is (no PR stunt please)
PR = crap
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