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Default Re: Overheating and similar issues with GeForce GTX 280

Originally Posted by Tomsen78 View Post
That was me!

My Point of View GTX280 was running fine for a week and then yesterday, during playing Age of Conan, the card was getting louder and hotter. The temperature raised quickly from 72 celsius to 98 with the fan at 100%. And i looked on my voltmeter and i was SHOCKED. 320W was normal (cause i have 1.03v on the GPU) and now i saw 500W on the vm.
So i stopped plaing AoC and the fan was still on 100% in idle at ~70 and ~200W.

Than i started Furmark to get the card to the limit. My GTX280 raised in only 10 seconds from 70 to 90 and in 15 second over 100 (fan 100%). My voltmeter shows 550W (300W is normal in Age of Conan)!! About 250W more ingame - WTF??!!
Only a restart solved the problem, since then i havent got the problem anymore, but for how long?

Hope its a driver/bios thing, which can be solved, because it has nothing to do with the cooler or the ihs! Maybe the psu? I dont know.

Nvidia, i payed 789.96 US Dollar (500) for the card, i want an answer!

Was there ever a fix for this besides returning the card? I just got a 260 SSC card last week and it's been running great, 45c idle and about 72-74c while running Crysis or any other game. The fan never kicks up from 40% while playing games.

Last night i came home, jumped on AoC, and about 5 minutes in i started hearing the blowdryer kick in. I checked my temps and i was at 95c and 100% fan speed. I rebooted the computer and temps went back to normal, i ran the game again and never got above 71c.

Later on i was playing Crysis, alt-tabbed out, and the fan shot up to 100% and my temps went into the 90's again at 100% fan speed, even though before that i played for a few hours and never hit 75c at 40% fan speed. I can repeat this behavior over and over again by either alt-tabbing out of a game multiple times or using alt-enter to go from full-screen to windowed mode.

Now if this was an actual heat issue the card would always run that hot, right? Seems to me like a driver issue or something. I'm running Atitool as i type and have been for like 15 minutes and sit at 74c so the heatsink and fan are doing their job. What else could make running the same thing at the same fan speeds be 30c difference in temperature?
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