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Default Re: 180.29 destroys non X11 textconsoles on Quadro FX 770M

I'm also experiencing this bug, but it only manifested after I started using two monitors. That is, I was using 180.37 with a single monitor, and I could switch to text-mode VTs just fine. But once I started using two monitors, switching to text-mode VTs just gives a black screen with a blinking cursor. I can even log in by typing blindly, but nothing appears on the screen except the blinking cursor. Switching back to X works fine, and there is no corruption or instability once back in X.

EDIT: For what it's worth, I'm talking about the monitor to which the BIOS boots. The NVIDIA X driver reports it as DFP-0, and the other monitor (which goes black with no blinking cursor when I switch to a text-mode VT) is DFP-1.
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