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Default Re: Modern Graphics Card Failure Rates

Originally Posted by MaxBlade View Post
Hmm lol yeah thats it.. Well I can only speak from personal experience and I have yet to RMA one Nvidia card. Granted they have in the past made some.. questionable cards yet those have not failed. Yet with ATI I have only had to RMA one. So I would question the source and yet I am a fanboy lol (what a way to try to bate others) of none. I've been blessed.

So Evga, Asus, BFG blah blah have no accountability? Yet we all know be it graphics, soundcard, motherboard, CPU, anything like that all brake down. And please the odds that "oh I dont overclock anything it just stopped" you really believe that lmao? Now add those thousands if not millions to the source..then we start to see a different picture.
Take a stroll up about 5 threads and read the "overheating and other issues" thread for the 280, then come back.
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