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well at least they're consistent.

not like ATI, who go from worst release ever with 8500 to best release ever with 9700pro - you never know what to expect.
This is Ridiculous. You can hardly compare the 8500 launch to this. First the card was hardly bad. Just a little behind expectations at first. It was still the only other card out there roughly Comparable to a GF3. Some things faster some things slower. Ati did screw up with Quak. But, Quickly recoverd and updated drivers regularly. Not as much as now.. but it was where it all started. Overall there was no single GAPING weakness in the card. Not like the FX line. Further ATi did not pull any of this crap that Nvidia is. They simply took it in the shorts like a man. Beat the living **** out of their engineers and produced a masterpiece.

Nvidia could learn a large lesson from the Way ATi handled the 8500.

(The 8500 was more average with a couple bright spots than bad by any honest measurement. Plus its sibling the 9000's Still beat the 5200's in shader intensive games)
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