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Default Re: Modern Graphics Card Failure Rates

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Problem with this is you say it's a "fact" NVIDIA made a bunch of ****ty cards based on a small sample from a unnamed source on a website I've never heard of in 10 years on the forums.

I'd say to me that means it's a "fact" you're a fanATic latching onto whatever negative info you can find about NVIDIA so you can chime in "It must be true as it's on teh intarweb!" in a lame attempt to help ATi avoid debtors prison another month.
Actually fanboy, my last card was a GTX 280. Surprise surprise though it had overheating issues. What do you have to say about the thread on the top of this forum that is a million pages long, entirely about faulty 280 series cards? Not much I can wager.

I buy whatever is good at the time, I had a GTX 280, I had a 8800 GTX before that. Only blind fanboys can't admit the GTX 280 has horrible failure rates. I know one thing though, the more I see Rollo's posts and his representation of nvidia, the less I want to buy Nvidia in the future.
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