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Originally posted by Monolyth
Implementation of a true DD Encoder on a chip the size of Nvidia's MCP would be VERY VERY hard. I'm not talking going from digital to analog, I'm talking about going from analog to digital. That takes quite a bit of processing power, even with professional level codecs installed it will eat your processor down fast. I'm talking about a card that actually takes an EAX effect and truly converts it into a digital format, be it DD 5.1, DTS, etc etc. Most people only use standard speakers hooked up to their computer, I hookup my Receiver to it, and use the S/PDIF Out on my card. Now I will lose depth in-games, ie. Surround Sound. If I was so inclined I could always hookup to the standard analog inputs on my receiver, but I'm lazy.

Anyway, I kinda went off topic. If a card could truly take an EAX enhanced game and allow for DD 5.1 or what have you as an ouput option then my sort of setup would be far superior to that of a standard user connecting via standard RCA cables straight to their speakers. I trust the DD processor in my receiver much more than I would on my card. So then people that do what I do could enjoy true EAX, instead of using crappy Dolby Pro Logic II. Which ain't bad, but you can always tell the difference...atleast I can...

Anyway thats what I meant with that whole spew of junk in that previous post
None of that made any sense.

I'm going to sleep.
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