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John Reynolds
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Dave just made an eye-opening post here . So much for open standards and APIs. I wonder how much money was exchanged for a major publisher like EA to endorse the TWIMTBP campaign? Jason Cross, tech. writer for CGM, wrote an excellent editorial a few months ago lambasting the EA/Nvidia marketing merger, concerned that game features would be missing for those not running Nvidia hardware and that it would be a nasty step backwards for the entire PC gaming market/community. He was right.

I'm not into soaps -- never have been -- but I swear, this summer seems like one painfully-protracted, low-brow soap opera insofar as the 3D graphics market is concerned. And Nvidia has not only been the simpering starlet of this soap, they've also been the director, producer, and team of hack writers all rolled into one class A cluster f*ck (excuse my Englishy french).
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