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Default Re: Modern Graphics Card Failure Rates

Originally Posted by Lfctony View Post
Rollo, if anyone is giving Nvidia a bad name, its you... Really, I cannot remember the last time one of your posts was of any help to anyone.

As a focus group member, you could have responded:
"I believe that info is wrong. Our own data suggests otherwise"

Yet your response was: FUD, FUD, FUD...

Guess which sounds more professional, believable and mature...

If all Nvidia Focus group members are like you, they should rename the group to Fanboy Group, because really, that is all you are...

My response was that it's hard to give credence to unnamed sources as they aren't verifiable, and that the people most inclined to believe them are those who hope the info is true.

Seems pretty reasonable to me.

You should look up what "FUD" means. isn't selling anything, so I wasn't using fear, uncertainty and doubt to prevent anyone from buying their products.

I was saying people should temper their own uncertainty and doubt based on the anonymous nature of the data and sample size.

If newegg came out with a 7 month survey of 70,000 card sold and said Card X by Brand Y showed a trend of RMAs where the cards actually proved defective I wouldn't say anything about the data.
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