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Originally posted by Skuzzy
2) The public nature of the benchmarks used by reviewers has allowed video card companies to put in specific hacks/cheats/optimizations (use them interchangeably) to get better results in the benchmark. No amount of posturing by the public/consumer is going to change that. That point should be very clear by know.
The problem is that complaints have been hidden away in forums. None of the Big Three have really commented on all these issues.

Anand- briefly and generally talks about some "stuff" in the HL2 benchmark. Prior to this I don't think he ever acknowledged anything NVIDIA did. From what I've heard about the AT forums, AT staff actually agreed with [H] about UT2003 for example.

[H]- I think we all remember Kyle's rant at NVIDIA prior to the release of 45.23 because Kyle was angry that NVIDIA lied to him and the Application setting of the driver didn't do anything. Prior to this Kyle bashed people who brought us the truth about 3dmark03 and NVIDIA. People were silenced in the forums for saying what NVIDIA had done on multiple accounts. [H] looked at UT2003 filtering but did not compare trilinear AF with bilinear AF(they compared bilinear AF with bilinear AF). This became the basis for NVIDIA PR's comments that the UT2003 filtering optimization did not change IQ. When the author of said article actually used trilinear on his r9800 instead of bilinear he said he noticed a difference(said in forums).

Toms- some issues have been covered, but in a "equal time" manner. Basically he reports on issues but also gets PR responses from NVIDIA which make it sound like there's nothing wrong, everything is a bug.

As you can see, the Big Three have basically been silent and have not done a good job at informing the public and letting them make up their own minds about something. Leave NVIDIA PR out of it, let people decide for themselves whether something is a bug or a optimization or a cheat.
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