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This is unbelievable,

First the 5800 fiasco (I still have that video if anyone wants it)

Then all of the IQ problems the FX series has had....

Then the 5900 (a card that opend at HALF A GRAND and is still selling at $300+), a pathetic HL2 showing ( I'm not even going to mention the 5600), with pixel shared that can only have been merely tacked on...

to this .... strongarming a company into pulling its DX9 benchmarks....

Do they actually want people buying their cards? !!!

Come on, all of their mid/high-end sales are generated from the gaming community. What the h#ll are they doing? Trying to alienate us???

*just shakes his head* Unbelievable, my next card may well be an ATI , just for ethical reasons.
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