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Originally posted by StealthHawk
[H]- I think we all remember Kyle's rant at NVIDIA prior to the release of 45.23 because Kyle was angry that NVIDIA lied to him and the Application setting of the driver didn't do anything. Prior to this Kyle bashed people who brought us the truth about 3dmark03 and NVIDIA. People were silenced in the forums for saying what NVIDIA had done on multiple accounts. [H] looked at UT2003 filtering but did not compare trilinear AF with bilinear AF(they compared bilinear AF with bilinear AF). This became the basis for NVIDIA PR's comments that the UT2003 filtering optimization did not change IQ. When the author of said article actually used trilinear on his r9800 instead of bilinear he said he noticed a difference(said in forums).
Speak of the devil and so he shall come....

The big silly head actually asked me to show him where he's been a supporter of nVidia over ATi....I'm gonna enjoy this if he ever gets his nuggers up and comes back.
[SIZE=1][I]"It was very important to us that NVIDIA did not know exactly where to aim. As a result they seem to have over-engineered in some aspects creating a power-hungry monster which is going to be very expensive for them to manufacture. We have a beautifully balanced piece of hardware that beats them on pure performance, cost, scalability, future mobile relevance, etc. That's all because they didn't know what to aim at."
-R.Huddy[/I] [/SIZE]
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