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Default Re: Modern Graphics Card Failure Rates

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Hmmm it's strange how 99% of the people yammering "I was considering a NVIDIA card, but now I won't buy one because Rollo was mean to ATi!" mysteriously have ATi cards.

Most people aren't foolish enough to buy second best cards because of their opinions of fans.

If ATi makes the best card, they'll buy it. If NVIDIA makes the best card, they'll buy it. People dumb enough to base choice on opinion of me, probably shouldn't cross streets or operate heavy equipment.

Their opinions shouldn't be given much weight in forums either- I'd say that alone pretty much invalidates anything else you have to say by weight of stupidity.
...Or maybe that your association with Nvidia is actually driving away potential Nvidia customers? DIAF fanboy.
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