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When EA and NVidia struck that deal, I said it would end up hurting gamers in the long run.

I got some news for you. This is not the end of what is happening. Make no mistake about it.

Here is how it works. The dev is using NVidia cards in their dev systems. Now most devs are pretty bright guys, but most know diddly about hardware as well.
The dev runs into problems with a shader. He calls NVidia for help. They gladly fix his problem by providing a shader that runs pretty good on the devs NVidia card, but is oh so wrong for anything else.
The dev is ignorant, as they know little about shaders (it is fairly new to a lot of devs), other than they need to use them. So they put into the NVidia shader. They may or may not realize that is will run horribly on everyone elses card and probably are not that concerned as NVidia is the lion share of the market. Right?
If you want it to work on something else, the those video card guys will have to provide you with a driver that will correct the problem. It certainly cannot be an NVidia problem.

Sound familiar? It's not the first time this has happened. It's just a different technology. This time its shaders, next week who knows.
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