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Default GeForce 8800 GT & Acer AL2216W monitor

Running Kubuntu 8.04

Have been trying to install NVidia drivers for my card with no success to date.

I have tried many times, always with the same result.

run "envyng -t".

Output reports the graphics card correctly and that graphics card is supported. It then does it's thing and finally asks if I want to restart. I input 'n' and drop to the command line and run 'nvidia-xconfig' and get a new xorg.conf file.

I then reboot. On rebooting I get a black screen and the computer is frozen, front panel power switch is inop. Power off the power supply and back on, then reboot into the recovery kernal and use the option to do an auto X configuration which gives me a generic file.

The native size of the monitor is 1680x1050.

I ran "sudo and have attached the output. Correction I tried to attach the output, but the file size 162.1 KB exceeded the max size of 146.9. I split into 2 files, but then they are reported as invalid ???????????????????????????????????

Does the graphics card support the monitor??

If so is it possible to get the NVidia driver working??
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