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Well.. There is this side of it.

The only way Nvidia can be accomplishing things like STALKER is by some SERIOUS sacrificing of True PS2.0 type effects. Like HDR etc.

Thus its going to be Faster but look bland.

ATi can and I imagine WILL Just do the old Shader Replacement on the Fly technique that Nvidia is Becoming synonymous with. Thus Presto.. Insta Super HDR Effects and Faster to Boot on ATi hardware. Mark my words it can and HAS to happen if the market is going to remain fair.

Not only that the new XGI cards Dx9 feature set is based on DX9.0 just like ATi's. Thus I imagine they will run the Default DX9 stuff similar to the way Ati does. Meaning in the Long Run Nvidia is going to look Doubbly bad.

How Is Nvidia Going to explain that one? I dont think they can. Its one thing to play Dirty against ATi only. Its another thing to be one of 3 DX9 competitors. As that number Grows it only becomes worse.
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